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Communications Strategy & Consultancy

Let us help your clear your head


Digital PR

Results that make a difference

Creative Design

Content Marketing

Bolstering your team with senior expertise


Brand House

One stop shop to co-ordinate all your brand comms needs

Creative Mess

Influencer Marketing

Finding advocates for your brand

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Brand Building PR

Telling your B2C, B2B and corporate brand stories


Employer Brand

Keeping and attracting the best talent



Showcasing the brilliance in your business


Brand Strategy

Piecing your brand puzzle together


As a freelance marketing consultant I provide, content and marketing consultancy services to both agencies and brands. I collaborate with each and every client to shape the brief and determine the end goal, ensuring that only the best work is delivered, on time and within budget.


Consultancy & strategy

​We work with businesses, brands and agencies to help them structure, appraise, restructure and review their PR, brand, marketing or content team(s).  We can help with:

  • Team / department initial set-up

  • Senior recruitment counsel

  • Fit for purpose audits

  • Structuring teams for growth and additional services 

  • Aligning company culture and brand positioning 

  • Interim head of / director level support


Digital PR

Making sure Google has as much, if not more, awareness of your brand as your consumer does is essential to driving a broad range of traffic to your site. Our impactful strategies include:

  • Digital media engagement 

  • Blog outreach

  • Link building  

  • SEO-led content creation

  • Social media & advocacy

  • Influencer engagement

News Cameras

Brand Building PR

With 20 years hands-on PR experience, Lyndsey ​knows how to set a compelling strategy, roll-up our sleeves and get those results rolling in, specialising in:

  • B2C, B2B, trade & corporate comms

  • PR & comms strategy / direction

  • Crisis management

  • Experiential & events

  • Partnerships 

  • Sponsorship amplification

Content Marketing Public Relations Consultant Manchester

Content marketing

​Having taken AO.com from page 100 to position1 on page1 of Google, after a massive algorithmic penalty, when it comes to content marketing, I am tried and tested across:

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Owned media strategy

  • Content creative

  • SEO copywriting

  • Content hubs & blog curation

  • Influencer & blogger engagement

Employer Brand Public Relations Consultant Manchester

Employer brand

​Finding new people is hard. Keeping existing talent can be even harder. Skills shortages, millennials and digitisation are all impacting and changing the world of work. Never has your employer brand been so important.

If you get the right people and look after them – they’ll look after your customers and organisation. Talk to me about:

  • Brand and culture alignment

  • Communication audit

  • Employer brand positioning 

  • Internal communications

  • Recruitment communications

  • Employee engagement & events

  • CEO & leadership team profiling

  • Internal publications / intranets

  • Issues management


Influencer engagement

From blogger launches to collabs and brand ambassador campaigns, I've been there and got the t-shirt. If you need to leverage influencers to build brand advocacy, awareness and leads, I can help with:

  • Influencer strategy

  • Blogger & vlogger engagement

  • Collaborations

  • Content curation

  • Content partnerships

  • Advocacy programmes

Brand communications consultant

Brand communications

​When it comes to brand communications, working out what to say, who to say it to, where to say it and why to say it is our passion.  Let us get all over your brand and watch the customer love grow.  We're especially good at: 

  • Brand planning & strategy

  • Communications audit

  • Audience mapping

  • Channel planning

  • Brand identity & guardianship

  • Celebrity & third party partnerships

  • Sponsorship amplification

  • Aligning company culture & brand positioning



Winning the right awards can catapult your brand and your business forward.

Target customers will consider you. Existing customers will be proud to buy from you. Employees will shout about working for you. Talented folks will consider joining you. Suppliers will be more supportive of you. The media will talk about you, and influencers might actually start to engage with you. These little badges of honour can have an impact at every level of your business.

Unfortunately, they can be a right pain in the backside too. Sitting at the bottom of the to do list for months, taunting you with their deadlines and talk of supporting evidence. 

I can help you with that, as I actually enjoy writing them. And, not to blow my own trumpet but I'm really rather good at them. 

So, shift them off your to do list and pop them on to mine.