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Working collaboratively to tell your story in a compelling way...


I'm an award-winning freelance PR & content marketing consultant, with 20+ years' experience in marketing, having run PR, content marketing and influencer engagement campaigns both in agency and in-house. I have worked on 70+ brand in 20+ sectors, winning many industry awards.

I left the PR agency world to set-up a brand communications and PR team at my former client, There, I transformed the brand's reputation from a little-known online white goods specialist to the renowned online retail powerhouse it is today. I have also worked inhouse at Very, Currys, Bentley Motors and Iceland Foods.

During my time at AO I became highly proficient in content marketing and digital PR, setting the off-site SEO and content strategy, which saw AO recover from a Google penalty.

A mix of agency and in-house experience means I am also well-versed in navigating the dynamics of both sides of the client / agency fence. I work with brands both big and small, giving you senior level support every step of the way.

My hand-on approach means that I often work out of client's offices, ensuring I am fully immersed in their business and working as part of their team.


Strategic communications

As a freelance PR consultant, I love to work with businesses that are looking to challenge the status quo. Whether you're a tech start-up, major brand, agency or established business, my job is to find the beauty in your message and then tell your story in a compelling way that's guaranteed to resonate with your target customer. 

However, I don’t do fluff or simply chucking stuff out there. Every activity has a purpose and is firmly rooted in commercial strategy.

I turn your business objectives into communication objectives and build creative and channel plans from there. Plans that have a relentless focus on delivering those results that matter most to your business.

However, the key to achieving this success is...

Pink Feathers


"...the action of working with someone to produce or create something"

I like to build partnerships that not only see me working for you but also with and alongside your in-house team. I don't just take a brief and run away with it - racking up hours going down dead ends. I work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, building creative and strategic solutions to their challenges.

I find that through fostering collaboration and sharing company and market insights, the best understanding of a business' dynamics can be achieved, which leads to stronger creative outputs and strategies that deliver.