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Bucket loads of PR experience

B2C | Corporate | B2B

Bringing brands to life for 20+ years...

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My experience includes:

Know-how: About

Retail / Ecommerce PR & Content

Food PR & Content

Franchise PR & Content

Home & Interiors PR & Content

Education PR & Content

Fashion PR & Content

 B2B PR & Content

Health & Beauty PR & Content

FMCG PR & Content

Travel PR & Content

Festival PR & Content

Charity PR & Content

Corporate PR & Content

Property PR & Content

Tech PR & Content

Consumer Electronics
PR & Content

Luxury Goods PR & Content

Automotive PR & Content

Entertainment PR & Content

Employer Brand &
Internal Communications

Kids / Youth PR & Content

I have worked alongside 70+ brands in 20+ sectors and have a wealth of communications experience gained through roles in agency, inhouse and as a marketing and PR freelancer.

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