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Collective: Welcome

Our small but big freelance network

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A small team with big reach...

Collective: About

Collaborative Folks is a small but mighty freelance collective. And, intentionally so. We've done big. We been big.  We were part of big.We've run, managed and even created big. We've learnt lots from big and enjoyed the ride. But big isn't always better. Think about it.

Small is efficient. Small is nifty. Small is connected. Small is personal. Small 'gets me'.

When it comes to working together, small simply cares more. Small is hands-on. Small is collaborative. Small is someone sitting in your office and being in your team, not just an 'extension' of it (...yawn!). So, we've said goodbye to big. We've left big behind.

We're on a mission to deliver bigger and better results, simply by being smaller.  

Collective: About

You can work with Collaborative Folks on an individual consultant basis, or we can flex our model to create a team that fits your brief.

Over the years, I have headed up a huge number of integrated marketing campaigns. Working alongside some of the best brand communications talent out there. Many of whom now work on a freelance basis. Some have set up small agencies.

These are my collaborative folks. A curated network of brand, content, copy, creative, SEO, digital, PR, employee engagement, video and communications veterans that she trusts to get the job a done.

So, whether you're looking to attract customers, journalists, staff, online or cultural influencers, we can put a highly experienced team in place to drive your business forward.  

Collective: About
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